About Us

At Chronic Elixir our passion is producing premium, hemp derived syrup for the connoisseur and the health-conscience alike. Chronic Elixir provides maximum bioavailability and fast absorption. 

With strict attention to detail every step of the way, from sourcing only the finest materials to our explicit quality control measures, we ensure a pleasant and unanimous experience for the consumer.

This company began with a simple focus: create a clean, mouth-watering CBD formula that our owner could consume without fear of digestive pains. As someone with Crohn's Disease and Celiacs Disease, our co-founder is able to use Chronic Elixir worry-free!

The product we bring you starts with the freshest material, our hemp is from the cleanest domestic suppliers. The sourced material is refined into a pure oil where it is then infused with other natural ingredients like agave and purified water. The end result creating our beloved Chronic Elixir.

Our continuing mission is simple: produce the cleanest, highest quality CBD syrup for all those in need. Whether your use is medicinal or recreational, we will continue to create new flavors and products so you can STAY CHRONIC for years to come!